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Order Status

After you place your order, you'll receive e-mails about your order. You will receive separate emails for product and Gift Card orders. Below are examples of e-mails you might receive:

  • Order Confirmation.This e-mail tells you that we have received and are processing your order. The confirmation will contain your order number, your shipping address, and the tracking number. Click here to track your order.
  • Shipment Confirmation.This e-mail confirms that your order or part of your order has shipped. You may receive multiple e-mails if parts of your order ship at different times.
  • Pre Buy Sales Notice. This e-mail tells you about products from your order that aren't available for immediate shipment, and provides you with an order number to keep for your records. When the products are ready to ship, you'll receive a shipment confirmation.
  • Important notice about your order.There are a few reasons that you might receive an e-mail of this type:
    • We're having problems processing your order
    • We can't ship your order to the address you gave us
    • You have a duplicate order in our system
    • Your order is canceled, for various reasons
    • If you receive a notice, please call Customer Service immediately at 1-855-585-7339 to resolve the problem.


The following payment options are available to you on

Credit Cards:

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  • American Express
  • Discover

Other Forms of Payment

  • PayPal